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Dress with Style – even when Backpacking in Cape Town

When you are visiting Cape Town from other South African provinces or coming from any other country, then travelling as a backpacker is one of the very rewarding ways to explore the Western Cape Area. It makes it possible to enjoy reasonably priced accommodation and the hostels or lodges are usually centrally located, making it easier to get around.

Cape Town can offer the backpacker a variety of exciting attractions to see and adventures to experience. There is great selection of Backpackers in Cape Town as well as affordable tours for those travellers who have to keep to a tight budget. There are also a number of transport options available if renting a car is stretching the money out a bit too far.

The accommodation facilities and backpacking lodges are clean and each one will provide different facilities. Most offer anything from single to double rooms with shared bathroom facilities. There are also dormitories where you share your space with others; this is where you might have the opportunity to meet a new travel buddy. Some even cater for those who wish to camp outside. When booking your backpackers lodge, make sure that they are registered with an accredited establishment.

Some other facilities you can expect at a backpackers lodge:

  • Many include free Wi-Fi and internet access
  • Communal area with a television and maybe some other entertainment options, like a pool table. Private rooms usually have their own satellite televisions.
  • Self-catering kitchen areas
  • If you’re lucky maybe a swimming pool
  • Most have international plug points
  • Personal safe for all your valuables

There have been many establishments that have opened their doors throughout South Africa; this makes it a lot easier to travel from place to place in the country. To make it even easier, there is the Baz Bus transport service – especially if you are interested in adventure tourism. This is a company that offers a door to door bus services between many different areas throughout the whole of South Africa, including Cape Town. This is a great way to explore any area and to meet new people on the bus who share your sense of adventure and yearning for travel.

Gardens in Cape Town have a wonderful Lodge for backpackers and Ashanti have gone out of their way to make your stay as comfortable and memorable as possible. The Lodge is situated at the base of Table Mountain and from there the whole of your experience in the Western Cape is open for you to enjoy. The Green Point backpackers Lodge is another option, it is ideally situated close to interesting places such as the V&A Waterfront. They offer facilities which include a swimming pool and bonus; you get a yummy breakfast that is included in the price.

So you have decided to Backpack and travel, what are the essentials you need to survive your journey?  Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  • First on the list is your travel backpack. Make sure you get the right size; this will depend on the amount of time you are going to travel. You should also consider your height when purchasing, you don’t want to buy something you will never be able to pick up.
  • Good quality sleeping bag
  • A travel towel, which is compact and quick drying
  • A bed or sleeping bag liner. Most accommodation and bedding is great, but some beds may be a bit dodgy so being prepared is always a good idea.
  • Bug repellent
  • A money belt
  • Plug adaptor, many places have their own international plug points
  • Zip lock bags to keep all your important stuff organised and dry
  • Invest in a good travel water purification bottle
  • Some good antiseptic hand gel or wet wipes always comes in handy
  • To save space, try purchasing a multi-purpose soap. One that can do your hair and body so you don’t have multiple items to carry.
  • Small travel first aid kit
  • Clothes line for when you do your laundry
  • If you are a light sleeper maybe  some ear plugs would do the trick

Style36 creates Community Awareness

Style36 is not just about men’s and women’s fashion clothing and accessories. We are committed to investing back in our struggling communities. Whilst fashion continues to make headlines with articles that cover all the latest fashion garments that the celebrities are wearing, real issues like steadily rising drug use among our youth barely make the news at all. An addiction is having a sense of dependency on a particular activity. Alcohol, gambling, sex, gaming and drugs are some of addictions that one may be struggling with. Below is a list of the five addictions we have just mentioned and the effect it has on the addict and their lives.

Alcohol Addiction:

Alcohol addiction is when an individual is constantly driven to excessively drink huge amounts of alcohol. Those once in a blue moon night out turn to constant every day drinking sprees. The challenge about alcohol addiction is that people who suffer from it don’t see it as a problem. They often describe it as a detoxing or relaxing feeling. There are many world renowned drug rehabilitation centres in Cape Town that have treated these celebrities whose fashion habits we read about in the daily news.

Effects – An addict that suffers from alcohol abuse often loses their path. Alcohol also causes a lot of damage to the body such as high blood pressure, likely to have a stroke and potential to heart and liver diseases.

Gambling Addiction:

There is a saying that is very well known among casinos and gambling outlets that says “Winners know when to stop”. This statement couldn’t be more accurate. A gambling addict is one who can’t stop playing no matter how bad the situation is. When you are constantly provoked to gamble, you might be addicted.

 Effects – as saddening as losing money may be, gamblers will always go back and try to regain the money they have lost. This behavior implicates very badly in terms of finance around the household as some people will use household money to satisfy their financial gain and greed.

Sex addiction:

Sex addiction is the when an individual is persistently craving sexual stimulus. It is described as never being fully satisfied with your sexual life and always having a desire for more.

Effects – the effects of sexual addiction always result to adulterous and cheating motives. As a result of this, constant fights and even divorce will result in the household.

Gaming addiction:

Gaming addiction is an unwary need to play TV, Video or computer games. It is common to children and teenagers and it based on the constant will to play such games. Ixande is a Cape Town rehab that works with people with a wide variety of process addictions, including gaming addiction.

Effects – Children and teenagers start performing poorly at school because all they think about are video games. Poor grades mount to the possibility of repeating a grade and backslides your development as a child.

Drug addiction: Drug addiction is when a person is obsessed with any type of prescribed or illegal drug. Examples include cocaine, ecstasy, heroin and even over the counter pills and medication. Drug addiction just not just affect the average person there are many celebrities who have suffered the same consequences of drug usage.

Effects – For a drug addict, their thinking capacity or rather mental stability slows down. They can no longer think and act as fast as they used to. It also weakens the immune system and causes all sorts of abdominal pains and nausea. In due course, you can die from drugs.

All of the above mentioned addictions have one thing in common – being an addict does not only take your life but it also deprives your family from enjoying theirs. The families of addicts are the ones who always suffer in the end because they have to make sure their son or daughter fights addiction and wins it.

The life of addict can never be changed if they are not willing to put in the effort to see the transformation. The daily struggle of always facing another day will be a constant reminder that the road to recovering from addiction is not a journey anyone can embark on. It is a road for people who are ready to embrace their imperfections and ensure that they are never subjected to such a dark place again.

Style 36 Competition Finalists

So, our competition for the best dressed Style36 customers is drawing to a close. All customers who have purchased Men’s clothing, Women’s clothing or accessories are eligible and would have automatically been entered into the Style36 Fashion, best dressed competition. It doesn’t matter whether you bought skinny jeans, a designer dress, one of our gorgeous handbags or jackets, if you have purchased any of our fantastic clothing offers during the competition period you are eligible for the lucky draw !

style36 fashion competition

So as the final competition date draws near and it comes down to us deciding on who Style36’s best dresses men and women are, we have also narrowed down the options for the vacation for our best dressed winners.

1. Zanzibar Island

Zanzibar is an island separated from Tanzania by a channel 56 kilometres wide, and is 67 kilometres long and 23 kilometres wide and covers an area of 1,464 km2. The capital of Zanzibar is Zanzibar City which has a historical centre called Stone Town which boasts a world heritage site. It also contains a number of small islands of which Pemba is the largest. Luxury Zanzibar accommodation is in no short supply and we have already shortlisted a few great resorts where our winners can flaunt their Style 36 fashion garments, swim wear and designer clothing.
Apart from the island being a popular tourist attraction it also has industry of spices such as cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon and black pepper, which, together with Mafia island, has gained the title of Spice Islands. There are no large wild animals on the island but in the forest areas monkeys, bush pigs, small antelopes and civets can be found. There is also a variety of bird life and butterflies in the rural areas.
A great tourist attraction are; the cruises, diving and snorkelling in the coral reefs. A wonderful activity is, swimming with the friendly dolphins, or one could merely soak up the sun on the beautiful white beaches. Due to the spice industry regular spice tours are arranged and spice markets are a common sight in the market places.

Accommodation:  Zanzibar’s accommodation covers a wide range from luxury cottages and hotels to stylish resorts, with Mnemba Island being the ultimate, intimate and luxurious getaway for honeymooners. For families on the other hand parents will find the family-friendly hotels with their safe swimming beaches a must. There are also many great hotels available in Stone Town.

Travel Plans:  Kenya Airways, Precision Air and Ethiopian Airlines all cater for flights from South Africa to Zanzibar. Air Zimbabwe, Egypt Air, Air Malawi, SAA, British Airways and many others. There are internal flights available with Precision Air and Coastal Aviation who offer scheduled flights between Zanzibar and Tanzania’s main cities. Fortunately we are lucky to have partnered with Discover Zanzibar who have offered us some fantastic deals on their Zanzibar Packages to offer up as prizes to our winners !

2. Madagascar

Madagascar is 1,580km long and as such is the fourth largest island in the world. In Madagascar luxury is not a major concern, as only the main tourist attractions accommodate the traveller who is looking for comfort. But as you travel further north many areas are very secluded and electricity and other comforts are not readily available. With this in mind one can understand how the natural habitat remains undisturbed which results in the fact that ninety percent of its wildlife cannot be found anywhere else in the world.
The largest tourist attraction in the country is Nosy Be which contains the comforts lacking in most of the other areas, but this comes with a price as this destination is a great deal more expensive. However if you are operating on a low budget you can head further into the mainland, and the further north you travel the beaches and country side are breath-taking. Remember to not leave the island before you have experienced having a lemur on your shoulder and snorkelling in the clear water. A warning to not walk on any coral and make sure you only drink bottled water.
The best time to visit in Madagascar is from April to the end of November as the rest of the year is rainy and very humid, and in June to the end of September the water is at its clearest.
Accommodation:  Sakatia Lodge is a very intimate and relaxing accommodation to escape to as it only accommodates a maximum of 20 guests. The small island of Nosy Sakatia is a relaxing and invigorating stay. It has no roads only footpaths and is only a boat ride away from Nosy Be. Other Resorts and hotels include Zahir Lodge, Vanila Hotel, Palm Beach Resort, Amaria Hotel, Nosy Be Hotel, to name but a few.

Travel Plans: If you fly SAA Airlink there are daily flights from Johannesburg to Antananarivo and a direct flight from Johannesburg to Nosy Be on Sundays. If you want to fly Air Madagascar you have direct from Johannesburg to Nosy Be only on Saturdays. They also offer expensive and unreliable internal flights.  Remember that a travel visa is required by South Africans which can be obtained at the Nosy Be airport or preferably to be obtained before your trip.

3. Mauritius

Mauritius has a land area of 2,040 km2 and is the 180TH largest nation in the world. In the Republic of Mauritius you have the island of Mauritius and several other outlying islands of which Rodrigues is the largest.  Mauritius is ranked 3RD out of 56 worldwide holiday destinations and boasts a year round tropical climate with the greatest white sand beaches and warm water seas. It was ranked the world’s best beach in 2012.
The island of Mauritius is situated in the Indian Ocean and is well loved for its beaches, lagoons and coral reefs.  The interior of the island is fairly mountainous and includes the Black River Gorges National Park, rainforests, waterfalls, hiking trails and a variety of wildlife. The capital of the island is Port Louis. Mauritius is a favourite getaway island for many South Africans and has also been labelled as the honeymooners getaway escape. Due to the climate this island is a great escape even in the winter, and Grand Baie is undoubtedly the most popular beach on the island. This beach is the best for most activities which include:
•    swimming,
•    sailing,
•    windsurfing,
•    water skiing.

Accommodation:  Mauritius has a wide range of accommodation available in order to ensure that all tourists are satisfied and are able to stay within their budget. This accommodation includes small and medium sized hotels, villas and luxury resorts.  All the hotels are surrounded by beautiful white sandy beaches and lagoons, and cater for all types of tourists including businessmen, groups, families and single travellers.

Travel Plans: SAA and Air Mauritius offer direct flights from Johannesburg to Mauritius. While Air Seychelles offer a one stop flight via Mahe and Emirates offer a one stop flight via Dubai. SAA, Air Mauritius and British Airways all offer direct flights from Cape Town.

So all you loyal Style36 fashionistas out there…keep a lookout for an email notification from us ….you could just be the winner of our most chique and best dressed subscriber.


Let Style36 dress you for Travel

Style36 is renowned for it’s great fashion at great prices. Mens and women’s designer clothing at affordable prices available to you online and delivered in a few simple clicks. I think the minute someone whispers “holiday”, every Tom, Dick, and Harry pays attention. The excitement that goes through everybody’s mind when they think about the fashionable clothing, designer shoes and handbags, swim wears and a taste of the beach aroma is exciting. To top it off, South Africa has some of the most amazing holiday destinations with spectacular accommodation to make sure you have a holiday of a lifetime.

At Style36 we believe there so much more to life than the usual routines we accept…yes, even more than getting your hands on the latest clothing and fashion. It’s necessary for all of us to take a break and go on holiday every so often, that’s why we are running a competition for our regular subscribers to win a fantastic holiday as well as a fashion hamper of gorgeous men’s and women’s clothing and accessories.

Too many destinations for you to choose from? Here is a list of where you can sleep while you up and about in South Africa :

•    Emerald Resort and Casino, Johannesburg: Emerald Resort and Casino is a beautiful accommodation and casino situated in Vanderbijlpark near the Vaal Banks. This resorts boosts of hotels and chalets for you to choose from. While residing at Emerald, you get to tour the Vaal area and enjoy some of the activities Emerald has. These include outdoor activities such as rock climbing, water sports and bowling amongst others.
•    Sun City Resort: Sun City Resort is a dream. With a range of hotels and cascades, elegance comes with every accommodation preference you get to choose from while visiting Sun City. It has stylish rooms that cater for your every need. Sun City also has restaurants that will nurse your taste buds and lots of water sports for the little and big ones. It has pools and a beach like pool that the children will absolutely love while residing in Sun City during the holidays.
•    Gooderson Drakensberg Gardens Golf & Spa Resort: Talk about killing two birds with one stone. Gooderson Drakensberg Gardens Golf & Spa Resort is a perfect accommodation if you are preparing a holiday anniversary for your parents. Daddy can enjoy a day of golf and make a few friends over a golf game while Mommy enjoys being wined and dined over a spa session. There are children activities too because everyone is welcome at Gooderson Drakensberg Gardens Golf & Spa Resort.
•    Cape Town Lodge and Hotel Conference Centre, Cape Town: The Mother City never disappoints. The Cape Lodge and Hotel Conference Centre is the epitome of grace and sophistication. Rooms and restaurants are fit for a king with very friendly staff to ensure you are well catered for. The lodge and hotel conference center is also a great place to host occasions such as conferences or birthday parties. It is located on the center of Cape Town so touring the area shouldn’t be a hassle.
•    Centre Court Bed & Breakfast, Durban: Centre Court Bed & Breakfast is a perfect escape from the busy life of Johannesburg and Cape Town. Although it is centrally located, peace and quiet is what you will find while residing at the Centre Court Bed & Breakfast. The benefit about residing at a place that is in the central business district is that everything is easily accessible. So, visiting Umhlanga Rocks, Greyville Race Course or the Botanic Gardens is not a problem.
•     Warmbaths, A Forever Resort, Bela Bela: There is never a dull day at Warmbaths in Bela Bela. The children get to splash in the pools and the adults also have fun activities such as barbecues and spa treatments. There are a lot of sports such as volleyballs and tennis. Accommodation comprises of self-catering units and hotels. There is also an option of just visiting for a day or spending the night which is a great option because there are families that just want to spend a few hours and go back to their respective homes.

Be sure to to enter the Stlye36 Fashion clothing competition when you make your purchase and qualify for the lucky draw. It could be you heading off to one of these fantastic holiday locations, dressed for he occasion in your very own selection of designer clothing from our online store.

Sitting Pretty ?

Style36 is launching something new and exciting and we wanted to be the first to share this with you!

Style Collective is an innovative way that Style36 is now able to work with smaller local designers. Tapping into a new market where there is endless talent is something that was inspired by the Asos Marketplace but is uniquely South African. This is Style36 providing a space where young and up and coming designers get to showcase their work. The goal is to mentor the designers while still giving the customer something new and unique.

Follow us over the next few weeks as we meet these up and comers.

First up Emma Longden who chatted to our Pr and Media Coordinator, Giselle to answer a few (tough) questions!

Your Label : Sitting Pretty

Tell us about how your label came about? Your inspiration?

The label started in 2009. I am inspired by so many things , at the time it was vintage (styles) but it changes and develops all the time.

Who inspires you and why?

People who give with no expectation.

Did you always know you wanted to be a designer?

I always wanted to do something creative. I studied interior design and gradually became involved in fashion.

Who are your favourite designers, internationally and locally?

Locally I would have to say Selfi. Internationally I like A.P.C, Miu Miu and Vivienne Westwood.

Tell us more about your design aesthetic?

I try to keep my garments simple, chic and versatile with an element of fun thrown in.

What is your fondest I love clothing moment/ memory?

My mother used to dress me up in pinafores and bonnets! Obviously I rebelled and concocted a vintage style of my ownwhich will NEVER be seen but I guess my love affair began then.

What big plans have you got for the upcoming season, besides joining Style36 of course?

Sitting Pretty will be taking part in Design Indaba 2014.

Online Shopping? Are you a regular or is this a new experience altogether?

A regular-ish

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I hope to see Sitting Pretty in a space that has grown organically from here.

Lastly and most importantly, Shoes vs accessories?

Shoes, shoes, Shoes

(Good Answer)

Thank you Emma for your time!