Style36 creates Community Awareness

Style36 is not just about men’s and women’s fashion clothing and accessories. We are committed to investing back in our struggling communities. Whilst fashion continues to make headlines with articles that cover all the latest fashion garments that the celebrities are wearing, real issues like steadily rising drug use among our youth barely make the news at all. An addiction is having a sense of dependency on a particular activity. Alcohol, gambling, sex, gaming and drugs are some of addictions that one may be struggling with. Below is a list of the five addictions we have just mentioned and the effect it has on the addict and their lives.

Alcohol Addiction:

Alcohol addiction is when an individual is constantly driven to excessively drink huge amounts of alcohol. Those once in a blue moon night out turn to constant every day drinking sprees. The challenge about alcohol addiction is that people who suffer from it don’t see it as a problem. They often describe it as a detoxing or relaxing feeling. There are many world renowned drug rehabilitation centres in Cape Town that have treated these celebrities whose fashion habits we read about in the daily news.

Effects – An addict that suffers from alcohol abuse often loses their path. Alcohol also causes a lot of damage to the body such as high blood pressure, likely to have a stroke and potential to heart and liver diseases.

Gambling Addiction:

There is a saying that is very well known among casinos and gambling outlets that says “Winners know when to stop”. This statement couldn’t be more accurate. A gambling addict is one who can’t stop playing no matter how bad the situation is. When you are constantly provoked to gamble, you might be addicted.

 Effects – as saddening as losing money may be, gamblers will always go back and try to regain the money they have lost. This behavior implicates very badly in terms of finance around the household as some people will use household money to satisfy their financial gain and greed.

Sex addiction:

Sex addiction is the when an individual is persistently craving sexual stimulus. It is described as never being fully satisfied with your sexual life and always having a desire for more.

Effects – the effects of sexual addiction always result to adulterous and cheating motives. As a result of this, constant fights and even divorce will result in the household.

Gaming addiction:

Gaming addiction is an unwary need to play TV, Video or computer games. It is common to children and teenagers and it based on the constant will to play such games. Ixande is a Cape Town rehab that works with people with a wide variety of process addictions, including gaming addiction.

Effects – Children and teenagers start performing poorly at school because all they think about are video games. Poor grades mount to the possibility of repeating a grade and backslides your development as a child.

Drug addiction: Drug addiction is when a person is obsessed with any type of prescribed or illegal drug. Examples include cocaine, ecstasy, heroin and even over the counter pills and medication. Drug addiction just not just affect the average person there are many celebrities who have suffered the same consequences of drug usage.

Effects – For a drug addict, their thinking capacity or rather mental stability slows down. They can no longer think and act as fast as they used to. It also weakens the immune system and causes all sorts of abdominal pains and nausea. In due course, you can die from drugs.

All of the above mentioned addictions have one thing in common – being an addict does not only take your life but it also deprives your family from enjoying theirs. The families of addicts are the ones who always suffer in the end because they have to make sure their son or daughter fights addiction and wins it.

The life of addict can never be changed if they are not willing to put in the effort to see the transformation. The daily struggle of always facing another day will be a constant reminder that the road to recovering from addiction is not a journey anyone can embark on. It is a road for people who are ready to embrace their imperfections and ensure that they are never subjected to such a dark place again.