Let Style36 dress you for Travel

Style36 is renowned for it’s great fashion at great prices. Mens and women’s designer clothing at affordable prices available to you online and delivered in a few simple clicks. I think the minute someone whispers “holiday”, every Tom, Dick, and Harry pays attention. The excitement that goes through everybody’s mind when they think about the fashionable clothing, designer shoes and handbags, swim wears and a taste of the beach aroma is exciting. To top it off, South Africa has some of the most amazing holiday destinations with spectacular accommodation to make sure you have a holiday of a lifetime.

At Style36 we believe there so much more to life than the usual routines we accept…yes, even more than getting your hands on the latest clothing and fashion. It’s necessary for all of us to take a break and go on holiday every so often, that’s why we are running a competition for our regular subscribers to win a fantastic holiday as well as a fashion hamper of gorgeous men’s and women’s clothing and accessories.

Too many destinations for you to choose from? Here is a list of where you can sleep while you up and about in South Africa :

•    Emerald Resort and Casino, Johannesburg: Emerald Resort and Casino is a beautiful accommodation and casino situated in Vanderbijlpark near the Vaal Banks. This resorts boosts of hotels and chalets for you to choose from. While residing at Emerald, you get to tour the Vaal area and enjoy some of the activities Emerald has. These include outdoor activities such as rock climbing, water sports and bowling amongst others.
•    Sun City Resort: Sun City Resort is a dream. With a range of hotels and cascades, elegance comes with every accommodation preference you get to choose from while visiting Sun City. It has stylish rooms that cater for your every need. Sun City also has restaurants that will nurse your taste buds and lots of water sports for the little and big ones. It has pools and a beach like pool that the children will absolutely love while residing in Sun City during the holidays.
•    Gooderson Drakensberg Gardens Golf & Spa Resort: Talk about killing two birds with one stone. Gooderson Drakensberg Gardens Golf & Spa Resort is a perfect accommodation if you are preparing a holiday anniversary for your parents. Daddy can enjoy a day of golf and make a few friends over a golf game while Mommy enjoys being wined and dined over a spa session. There are children activities too because everyone is welcome at Gooderson Drakensberg Gardens Golf & Spa Resort.
•    Cape Town Lodge and Hotel Conference Centre, Cape Town: The Mother City never disappoints. The Cape Lodge and Hotel Conference Centre is the epitome of grace and sophistication. Rooms and restaurants are fit for a king with very friendly staff to ensure you are well catered for. The lodge and hotel conference center is also a great place to host occasions such as conferences or birthday parties. It is located on the center of Cape Town so touring the area shouldn’t be a hassle.
•    Centre Court Bed & Breakfast, Durban: Centre Court Bed & Breakfast is a perfect escape from the busy life of Johannesburg and Cape Town. Although it is centrally located, peace and quiet is what you will find while residing at the Centre Court Bed & Breakfast. The benefit about residing at a place that is in the central business district is that everything is easily accessible. So, visiting Umhlanga Rocks, Greyville Race Course or the Botanic Gardens is not a problem.
•     Warmbaths, A Forever Resort, Bela Bela: There is never a dull day at Warmbaths in Bela Bela. The children get to splash in the pools and the adults also have fun activities such as barbecues and spa treatments. There are a lot of sports such as volleyballs and tennis. Accommodation comprises of self-catering units and hotels. There is also an option of just visiting for a day or spending the night which is a great option because there are families that just want to spend a few hours and go back to their respective homes.

Be sure to to enter the Stlye36 Fashion clothing competition when you make your purchase and qualify for the lucky draw. It could be you heading off to one of these fantastic holiday locations, dressed for he occasion in your very own selection of designer clothing from our online store.