Style 36 Competition Finalists

So, our competition for the best dressed Style36 customers is drawing to a close. All customers who have purchased Men’s clothing, Women’s clothing or accessories are eligible and would have automatically been entered into the Style36 Fashion, best dressed competition. It doesn’t matter whether you bought skinny jeans, a designer dress, one of our gorgeous handbags or jackets, if you have purchased any of our fantastic clothing offers during the competition period you are eligible for the lucky draw !

style36 fashion competition

So as the final competition date draws near and it comes down to us deciding on who Style36’s best dresses men and women are, we have also narrowed down the options for the vacation for our best dressed winners.

1. Zanzibar Island

Zanzibar is an island separated from Tanzania by a channel 56 kilometres wide, and is 67 kilometres long and 23 kilometres wide and covers an area of 1,464 km2. The capital of Zanzibar is Zanzibar City which has a historical centre called Stone Town which boasts a world heritage site. It also contains a number of small islands of which Pemba is the largest. Luxury Zanzibar accommodation is in no short supply and we have already shortlisted a few great resorts where our winners can flaunt their Style 36 fashion garments, swim wear and designer clothing.
Apart from the island being a popular tourist attraction it also has industry of spices such as cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon and black pepper, which, together with Mafia island, has gained the title of Spice Islands. There are no large wild animals on the island but in the forest areas monkeys, bush pigs, small antelopes and civets can be found. There is also a variety of bird life and butterflies in the rural areas.
A great tourist attraction are; the cruises, diving and snorkelling in the coral reefs. A wonderful activity is, swimming with the friendly dolphins, or one could merely soak up the sun on the beautiful white beaches. Due to the spice industry regular spice tours are arranged and spice markets are a common sight in the market places.

Accommodation:  Zanzibar’s accommodation covers a wide range from luxury cottages and hotels to stylish resorts, with Mnemba Island being the ultimate, intimate and luxurious getaway for honeymooners. For families on the other hand parents will find the family-friendly hotels with their safe swimming beaches a must. There are also many great hotels available in Stone Town.

Travel Plans:  Kenya Airways, Precision Air and Ethiopian Airlines all cater for flights from South Africa to Zanzibar. Air Zimbabwe, Egypt Air, Air Malawi, SAA, British Airways and many others. There are internal flights available with Precision Air and Coastal Aviation who offer scheduled flights between Zanzibar and Tanzania’s main cities. Fortunately we are lucky to have partnered with Discover Zanzibar who have offered us some fantastic deals on their Zanzibar Packages to offer up as prizes to our winners !

2. Madagascar

Madagascar is 1,580km long and as such is the fourth largest island in the world. In Madagascar luxury is not a major concern, as only the main tourist attractions accommodate the traveller who is looking for comfort. But as you travel further north many areas are very secluded and electricity and other comforts are not readily available. With this in mind one can understand how the natural habitat remains undisturbed which results in the fact that ninety percent of its wildlife cannot be found anywhere else in the world.
The largest tourist attraction in the country is Nosy Be which contains the comforts lacking in most of the other areas, but this comes with a price as this destination is a great deal more expensive. However if you are operating on a low budget you can head further into the mainland, and the further north you travel the beaches and country side are breath-taking. Remember to not leave the island before you have experienced having a lemur on your shoulder and snorkelling in the clear water. A warning to not walk on any coral and make sure you only drink bottled water.
The best time to visit in Madagascar is from April to the end of November as the rest of the year is rainy and very humid, and in June to the end of September the water is at its clearest.
Accommodation:  Sakatia Lodge is a very intimate and relaxing accommodation to escape to as it only accommodates a maximum of 20 guests. The small island of Nosy Sakatia is a relaxing and invigorating stay. It has no roads only footpaths and is only a boat ride away from Nosy Be. Other Resorts and hotels include Zahir Lodge, Vanila Hotel, Palm Beach Resort, Amaria Hotel, Nosy Be Hotel, to name but a few.

Travel Plans: If you fly SAA Airlink there are daily flights from Johannesburg to Antananarivo and a direct flight from Johannesburg to Nosy Be on Sundays. If you want to fly Air Madagascar you have direct from Johannesburg to Nosy Be only on Saturdays. They also offer expensive and unreliable internal flights.  Remember that a travel visa is required by South Africans which can be obtained at the Nosy Be airport or preferably to be obtained before your trip.

3. Mauritius

Mauritius has a land area of 2,040 km2 and is the 180TH largest nation in the world. In the Republic of Mauritius you have the island of Mauritius and several other outlying islands of which Rodrigues is the largest.  Mauritius is ranked 3RD out of 56 worldwide holiday destinations and boasts a year round tropical climate with the greatest white sand beaches and warm water seas. It was ranked the world’s best beach in 2012.
The island of Mauritius is situated in the Indian Ocean and is well loved for its beaches, lagoons and coral reefs.  The interior of the island is fairly mountainous and includes the Black River Gorges National Park, rainforests, waterfalls, hiking trails and a variety of wildlife. The capital of the island is Port Louis. Mauritius is a favourite getaway island for many South Africans and has also been labelled as the honeymooners getaway escape. Due to the climate this island is a great escape even in the winter, and Grand Baie is undoubtedly the most popular beach on the island. This beach is the best for most activities which include:
•    swimming,
•    sailing,
•    windsurfing,
•    water skiing.

Accommodation:  Mauritius has a wide range of accommodation available in order to ensure that all tourists are satisfied and are able to stay within their budget. This accommodation includes small and medium sized hotels, villas and luxury resorts.  All the hotels are surrounded by beautiful white sandy beaches and lagoons, and cater for all types of tourists including businessmen, groups, families and single travellers.

Travel Plans: SAA and Air Mauritius offer direct flights from Johannesburg to Mauritius. While Air Seychelles offer a one stop flight via Mahe and Emirates offer a one stop flight via Dubai. SAA, Air Mauritius and British Airways all offer direct flights from Cape Town.

So all you loyal Style36 fashionistas out there…keep a lookout for an email notification from us ….you could just be the winner of our most chique and best dressed subscriber.