Dress with Style – even when Backpacking in Cape Town

When you are visiting Cape Town from other South African provinces or coming from any other country, then travelling as a backpacker is one of the very rewarding ways to explore the Western Cape Area. It makes it possible to enjoy reasonably priced accommodation and the hostels or lodges are usually centrally located, making it easier to get around.

Cape Town can offer the backpacker a variety of exciting attractions to see and adventures to experience. There is great selection of Backpackers in Cape Town as well as affordable tours for those travellers who have to keep to a tight budget. There are also a number of transport options available if renting a car is stretching the money out a bit too far.

The accommodation facilities and backpacking lodges are clean and each one will provide different facilities. Most offer anything from single to double rooms with shared bathroom facilities. There are also dormitories where you share your space with others; this is where you might have the opportunity to meet a new travel buddy. Some even cater for those who wish to camp outside. When booking your backpackers lodge, make sure that they are registered with an accredited establishment.

Some other facilities you can expect at a backpackers lodge:

  • Many include free Wi-Fi and internet access
  • Communal area with a television and maybe some other entertainment options, like a pool table. Private rooms usually have their own satellite televisions.
  • Self-catering kitchen areas
  • If you’re lucky maybe a swimming pool
  • Most have international plug points
  • Personal safe for all your valuables

There have been many establishments that have opened their doors throughout South Africa; this makes it a lot easier to travel from place to place in the country. To make it even easier, there is the Baz Bus transport service – especially if you are interested in adventure tourism. This is a company that offers a door to door bus services between many different areas throughout the whole of South Africa, including Cape Town. This is a great way to explore any area and to meet new people on the bus who share your sense of adventure and yearning for travel.

Gardens in Cape Town have a wonderful Lodge for backpackers and Ashanti have gone out of their way to make your stay as comfortable and memorable as possible. The Lodge is situated at the base of Table Mountain and from there the whole of your experience in the Western Cape is open for you to enjoy. The Green Point backpackers Lodge is another option, it is ideally situated close to interesting places such as the V&A Waterfront. They offer facilities which include a swimming pool and bonus; you get a yummy breakfast that is included in the price.

So you have decided to Backpack and travel, what are the essentials you need to survive your journey?  Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  • First on the list is your travel backpack. Make sure you get the right size; this will depend on the amount of time you are going to travel. You should also consider your height when purchasing, you don’t want to buy something you will never be able to pick up.
  • Good quality sleeping bag
  • A travel towel, which is compact and quick drying
  • A bed or sleeping bag liner. Most accommodation and bedding is great, but some beds may be a bit dodgy so being prepared is always a good idea.
  • Bug repellent
  • A money belt
  • Plug adaptor, many places have their own international plug points
  • Zip lock bags to keep all your important stuff organised and dry
  • Invest in a good travel water purification bottle
  • Some good antiseptic hand gel or wet wipes always comes in handy
  • To save space, try purchasing a multi-purpose soap. One that can do your hair and body so you don’t have multiple items to carry.
  • Small travel first aid kit
  • Clothes line for when you do your laundry
  • If you are a light sleeper maybe  some ear plugs would do the trick